Writing Workshops: I have 10 years of experience working with both veteran and new writers to find and fine tune their craft. My focus is always empowerment, and I bring my background as a writer and performer to bear in uplifting everyone who I fellowship with – I believe all of our voices have the potential to change the world.

Sample of workshop offerings: Intro to Poetry, A Study of Nontraditional Forms, Perfecting the Long Poem, From Page to Stage, Concrete Poetry, and more!

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Performance: Often blending poetry and rap, I have performed for and built with audiences around the world, including as one of the headlining acts at the Boys and Girls Club’s Keystone Conference – one of the largest gatherings of teen leadership in the US – meeting with students in Kingston, Jamaica to share art and speak to collective freedom, and headlining Toast Poetry at the Norwich Arts Centre in Norwich, England. Let’s connect!

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Consulting/Editorial: You’ll often hear me say that one of my callings is to lift as I climb. The deeper I get into my career, the more I understand the value of giving everything I’ve experienced back. Whether for another set of eyes at the end of a manuscript’s journey or to help water a seed of an idea, I’m passionate about helping new and experienced writers bring their visions to life. 

    1. Available services: Developmental, Structural, content, line editing, copyediting, proofreading
    2. Types of work: Poetry manuscripts, short story, fiction, creative nonfiction

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